Friday, June 4, 2010

Performing Band: Mermaids

Mermaids are perfect summer time music. They sound like a rad beach party with blunts and box wine aplenty.

Check out their tunes here.

Performing Band: Thy Mighty Contract

"Thy Mighty Contract is made up of members of Blame Game, Fagstatic, I Would Set Myself on Fire For You, The Orphins, Narcolepsy, Gold Standard and SIDS. And we may just be awesome."

They are totally totally awesome. Check out easily the best local music video ever made for their song "Conjugal Freelance":

"Conjugal Freelance" by Thy Mighty Contract from Atlanta Stock Footage on Vimeo.

Check out their tunes here.

Performing Band: Lindsay Appel

"As far as sound goes, my blend seems to be rather hard for folks to pin down. In my mind, it's a sultry mix of rock/blues/pop, with a healthy dose of shimmer and *spark*, throw in a dash of cinematic flair + a whole lot of sassafras, and on some sort of primitive level of definition, that equals the music that I write. When the charming likes of my aforementioned guys are added in, the songs motivate foot tappers and hip shakers, I get to stomp around on bigger stages, and the whole shebang gravitates closer to the perpetual music video parade march I've got playing in my head. All in all, a splendid good time!"

Check out her tunes here.

Exhibiting Artist: Ashley Anderson

Rad Threadless submission

Check out more of his work here.

Performing Band: Mule Skinner MacQueen

The lone returning act from Artlantis 2009.

Not much is known about the infamous Mule Skinner. The only documentation of his reckless life is this lone grainy video:

Performing Band: Buffalo Bangers

Lindsey Elcessor (1/4 of Buffalo Bangers) is one of favorite new artists and frequent exhibitor at Beep Beep. We're still confused how you can be so good at two things!

Check out more tunes here.

Exhibiting Artist: Gregor Turk

"The visual work I create primarily incorporates mapping imagery. Utilizing a variety of media, I tend to focus on the fundamental qualities of mapping: the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, and ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality."

Check out more on his website.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Exhibiting Artists: Brett W. Thompson

Chickenheads from Brett W. Thompson on Vimeo.

Brett currently lives in Atlanta, GA, and is currently the president of ASIFA-Atlanta (the local chapter of the international animation group ASIFA).

His work as been screened in the Atlanta Film Festival, the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, the Montezuma International Film Festival, and others. His film "Chickenheads" was also shown on PBA 30 (Atlanta PBS) on a show called "Atlanta Shorts" - see it here (interview at the end).

He has taught Flash to several people (including SCAD-Atlanta's animation club, 30 members of which showed up for the lesson), loves old cartoons, weird art, and creative people.

For more up to date news and drawings, see

Exhibiting Artists: Plastic Aztecs

The Plastic Aztecs, an Atlanta based collective, marries a huge amount of inspirations into installations that attempt to fill new gaps of understanding and promote creative thinking. All members of the group actively pursue their own artistic and creative interests and uses these experiences and their explorative nature. The line up currently involves Erin Bassett, Becky Furey, Andrea Sanders, and Dorothy Stucki. No two shows are the same and they are all built around an idea that is attacked by all members to become a physical space for you to explore and enjoy.

Check out their website here.

Performing Band: El Fossil

Two words: Surf Metal

Check out some of their tunes here.

Artlantis prview from Creative Loafing!

You can read the whole article here.

Participating artist Lucha Rodriguez

June is going to kick my ass in the best way. Between a month’s worth of Art on the BeltLine performances and installations, and, like, everyone having a gallery opening, it’s shaping up to be a deliciously exhausting month. The big kick-off: ARTLANTIS coming back to sing praise to the underground art gods on the stoop of Druid Hills Baptist Church on Saturday, June 5. Come get you some religion, son!

ARTLANTIS is a festival aimed at highlighting local bourgeoning artists and bands, organized by Atlanta emerging art champions Mark Basehore and James McConnell of Beep Beep Gallery. As a follow up to last year’s inaugural event, the boys of Beep Beep are bringing their lowbrow sensibilities and penchant for throwing awesome parties to the corner of Ponce de Leon and North Highland. A full gallery show will offer affordable wares from artists like Plastic Aztecs, Evereman, CL cover artist Joe Tsambiras, and certified art cool kid R. Land – for starters. MINT Gallery, Eyedrum, Kibbee Gallery and WonderRoot will also be manning tents at the event with even more tasty treats for your visual consumption, and information about their organizations. Bottom line: if you’re looking for a crash course in underground art in Atlanta (and a steamy summer block party while you’re at it), this is the place to go.

Plus, there will be food and beer (next door at the Righteous Room.) Who doesn’t like beer and food?

Even if you don’t give a damn about art, come for the music; psychedelic darlings Carnivores will be there, along with other local favorites Abby Go Go, El Fossil, Mermaids, Buffalo Bangers, and more. And when the whole scene gets just too hip to deal with, Mule Skinner MacQueen will be on hand to take the edge off with his mountain dreamy folky greatness.

This summer appears to be all about showing love to the creative southern subterraneans and exalting the unsung art heroes – ARTLANTIS and Art on the BeltLine in June, Gather Atlanta (a conference that brings together movers and shakers from hubs of emerging creative endeavors like MINT Gallery, BurnAway, ThoughtMarker and WonderRoot) in July, and street art / urbanism conference Living Walls in August…to name just a few. The hot days are giving the creative set in this town a hyper-productive fever this year, and events like ARTLANTIS are giving them a much-needed platform for their fervor.
Want more? Scoot yourself to the ARTLANTIS blog.

ARTLANTIS Music & Arts Festival. June 5. 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Free. Druid Hills Baptist Church, 1085 Ponce de Leon Ave.