Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exhibiting Artist: META GARY

Meta Gary makes sweet, playful compositions out of stencils. And she sings real nice too.

Check out more on her website:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Exhibiting Artist: KELLY MCKERNAN

Kelly McKernan's work combines photography, illustration, and painting treatment in sweet gems of delicate beauty. And her images lend themselves well to logos (like the ARTLANTIS one above!)

Check out more on her website:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Performing Bands: OCHA LA ROCHA

Ocha La Rocha is what it sounds like when a bunch of you favorite local bands combine, united by their love of Gram Parson, Neil Young, and the Kinks.

Here's an older video of them rockin' the Star Bar:

Check out more here:

R Land Sketches

These are just rough sketches, but even rough they're super awesome!

Performing Bands: JUDI CHICAGO

Judi playing at Beep Beep Gallery

Enter Judi Chicago, the hardest working men in show business who's tour d'force sound combines elements of House, Kraut Rock, and Psychedelic craziness.

Check out this performance at Criminal Records:

See more at their website:

Exhibiting Artist: BAXTER CRANE

Aside from being a huge help at the gallery and one of the funniest people we know, Baxter Crane is also a multi-talented artist.

AND if you like her art, word is Baxter will be doing...FACE PAINTING! Holler!

Check out her website here:!.html

Exhibiting Artist: BEN GOLDMAN

Ben Goldman's work is twisted, and hilariously so. His art tackles such topics as greed, marriage, abuse, drug use, and gluttony by juxtaposing the grotesque images he creates with a playful sense of humor and irony.

Check out more on his website:

Exhibiting Artist: R LAND

One of the most well know and respected artists representing Atlanta is R Land. Not only is he one of our favorite artists going today, but his alternate version of his famous "Pray for ATL" was the inspiration for this festival's name:

Check out more on his website:

Exhibiting Artist: EVEREMAN

You may recognize Evereman's logo from stickers and tiles placed discreetly around town, but Everman is also a very talented wood craftsman. Check out more of his work at his website: