Monday, June 29, 2009

ARTlantis PHOTO CONTEST with Original Art Prizes!!!

I'm planning a site for ARTlantis to make next year's festival more organized and easier to promote. In order to get some great pictures for the site we're having a PHOTO CONTEST! Please submit as many photos as you'd like. The best part isthat some of the ARTlantis artists have donated some of their work for prizes. We have 4 great prizes to give away!


- A goodie bag from Jenny Birdsong. A bag filled with 2 bookmarks, 5 buttons, 4 postcards, a 5x5 print and a keychain. ($34 worth of goodies!)

- You're very own Evereman "Crackhead". They're great for office tasks such as taking notes and keeping track of your calendar appointments. (Trucker hat not included).

- Kelly McKernan is offering one of her prints. They're beautiful and you get to pick your favorite!

- And last but not least Heather Elder (First Place - ARTlantis Juried Contest) is offering one of her "That's what friends are for" digital art prints.

Please email me (mark@beepbeepgallery) with your photo submissions. If you have a bunch you can burn them to a cd and drop them off at Beep Beep Gallery or you can use something like to send me a large zipped file of them. You can email me whenever you please but we'll be picking winners at the end of July.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have and thanks for supporting local art and music!!!

- Mark Basehore

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

10 days of recovery

Sure it took me 10 days to recover but I'm alive again and want to thank everyone for such a super fun day. ARTlantis brought out around 700 people to view some incredible and unconventional art as well as phenominal bands. The bands were a huge hit and all sounded great. The granite steps and column of the church made for an awesome stage and thanks to Judi Chicago the neighbors across the street got a free lap dance!

Super thanks go out to all the artists, artists friends, bands, volunteers, Criminal, Aurora, R.Land, the Jurors, and the staff at Druid Hills Baptist Church for being so helpful, supportive, and generous!

I really feel like ARTlantis made the whole festival thing much more enjoyable. Usually the booths at festivals host commercially boring reproduction artists from other states. Instead we hosted some of the best local and original art from emerging Atlanta-based artists. We also had a prestegious group of Jurors who awarded the first annual ARTlantis awards. More on that and our upcoming photo contest soon . . . (check back in a week or so)

Friday, June 5, 2009


We've asked an eclectic group of artists, gallery owners, curators, and journalists to act as jurors at this year's ARTLANTIS. Every artist is eligible for the best in show award.

Here's the jury:

Jerry Cullum - Arts writer / Editor at Large, Art Papers

Felicia Feaster - Arts writer / Senior Editor, Atlantan Magazine

Ann-Marie Manker - Artist / Professor, SCAD Atlanta

Jonathan Bouknight - Artist

Mike Germon - Artist / Thought Marker

Ben Grad - Arts writer / Burn Away

Maggie White - Artist / Co Owner, Young Blood Gallery and Boutique

Kelly Teasley - Artist / Co-Owner, Young Blood Gallery and Boutique

ARTLANTIS Band Schedule!

11am: Adams Jr.

12pm: Mule Skinner Macqueen

1pm: The Dewar Brothers

2pm: Filthy McNasty

3pm: The Back Pockets

4pm: Book of Colors

5pm: Ocha La Rocha

6pm: Judi Chicago

Performing Bands: THE DEWAR BROTHERS

The Dewar Brothers are the lone out of towners this year coming all the way from Tallahassee, FL. They kinda sound like a country version of Syd Barrett which is awesome.


Not much is known about the infamous Mule Skinner. The only documentation of his reckless life is this lone grainy video:

Exhibiting Artist: TRAVIS DODD

Travis "Machete" Dodd creates images that capture the spirit of youth, that destructive yet creative impulse that informs the younger generation. Add a few drinks to the mix and watch things really get wild!

Check out more here:

Exhibiting Artist: JENNY BIRDSONG

Many of Jenny's influences can be seen in her work, which include Alphonse Mucha and Gustav Klimt. She is also a lover of comic book illustration and often looks to her comic book artist heroes, such as J. Scott Campbell and Adam Hughes, for inspiration.

Check out more here:

Exhibiting Artist: EMER

Known to collaborate with other artists and produce art while being watched by surly concert goers, Emer's art reflects the fact that creation is fun and playful.

Check out more here:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exhibiting Artist: HEATHER ELDER

Heather has our favorite artist's bio on her website:
"Image maker. Art lover. Ginger eater. Light sleeper."

Check out more here:

Exhibiting Artist: LUCHA

Lucha makes beautiful organic looking shapes and big stuffed creations too.

Check out more here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Exhibiting Artist: OLIVER

Oliver does delicate line work the same way Fonzi starts the jukebox: with ease. And for the record, she uses Pantene Pro V.

Check out more here:

New ARTLANTIS poster!

Performing Bands: BOOK OF COLORS

Book of Colors sounds like that elf you meet way out in the woods strumming a harp made of dreams and rainbows. And his backing band is a tough gang of unicorns high on Gummi juice.

Check out more here:

Performing Bands: THE BACK POCKETS

The Back Pockets are a loose conglomeration of gypsies, hippies, and interdimensional wizards from the planet Awesome. Our super amazing intern Em rocks the pipes.

Check out more here:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exhibiting Artist: META GARY

Meta Gary makes sweet, playful compositions out of stencils. And she sings real nice too.

Check out more on her website:

Friday, May 29, 2009

Exhibiting Artist: KELLY MCKERNAN

Kelly McKernan's work combines photography, illustration, and painting treatment in sweet gems of delicate beauty. And her images lend themselves well to logos (like the ARTLANTIS one above!)

Check out more on her website:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Performing Bands: OCHA LA ROCHA

Ocha La Rocha is what it sounds like when a bunch of you favorite local bands combine, united by their love of Gram Parson, Neil Young, and the Kinks.

Here's an older video of them rockin' the Star Bar:

Check out more here:

R Land Sketches

These are just rough sketches, but even rough they're super awesome!

Performing Bands: JUDI CHICAGO

Judi playing at Beep Beep Gallery

Enter Judi Chicago, the hardest working men in show business who's tour d'force sound combines elements of House, Kraut Rock, and Psychedelic craziness.

Check out this performance at Criminal Records:

See more at their website:

Exhibiting Artist: BAXTER CRANE

Aside from being a huge help at the gallery and one of the funniest people we know, Baxter Crane is also a multi-talented artist.

AND if you like her art, word is Baxter will be doing...FACE PAINTING! Holler!

Check out her website here:!.html

Exhibiting Artist: BEN GOLDMAN

Ben Goldman's work is twisted, and hilariously so. His art tackles such topics as greed, marriage, abuse, drug use, and gluttony by juxtaposing the grotesque images he creates with a playful sense of humor and irony.

Check out more on his website:

Exhibiting Artist: R LAND

One of the most well know and respected artists representing Atlanta is R Land. Not only is he one of our favorite artists going today, but his alternate version of his famous "Pray for ATL" was the inspiration for this festival's name:

Check out more on his website:

Exhibiting Artist: EVEREMAN

You may recognize Evereman's logo from stickers and tiles placed discreetly around town, but Everman is also a very talented wood craftsman. Check out more of his work at his website: